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Shredding Services

Certified Shred, Inc. offers a range of shredding services and containers to meet each of our clients' needs. We offer regularly scheduled service including daily, weekly, and monthly pick-ups as well as "on- call" service and one-time file clean- outs/ purges. Regardless of the type of service you require or size of your job, Certified Shred, Inc . has a shredding solution to meet your need. In addition, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued upon completion of each service and all your shredded paper will be recycled.

On-Site Shredding

Certified Shred, Inc. offers on- site shredding providing our clients with the highest level of information security available.

Off-Site Shredding

Certified Shred, Inc. offers Off-site or plant based shredding.  Our land based shredder can destroy your documents easily and securely in our highly secure and state of the art shredding facility.  Customers may watch and record their documents being destroyed via their pc through remote viewing.  Our land based shredder also handles many types of materials as well as product destruction.

DROP OFF shredding

Business and residential customers may also drop off documents directly at our facility anytime during business hours; this is the most inexpensive way to get your documents destroyed.  We also offer witness shredding by request for customers who desire to watch the shredding process.  Please give us a call for details. 
Certified Shred has also established many partners across the Wasatch front where you can take your documents for future destruction.  Many of these partners offer after hours and weekend services.   We bring our powerful shred trucks to these locations and shred on site at the request of our partners.   Prices may vary depending on location.  Click here for a complete list of DROP OFF LOCATIONS and contact information.

Residential Shredding

At Certified Shred we offer our services to residential customers as well.  You may find many shredding customers will not respond to your residence at all for residential shred services.   We offer many unique services to residential customers and understand residential customers may need shred services similar to our business customers and in many cases unique services and pick up schedules.  We offer collection containers and purge services to many residential customers across the Wasatch Front.   Call us today and we will set up a program specifically for your needs.

Shred Events

At Certified Shred we work hand in hand with our clients to offer mutually beneficial and promotional SHRED EVENTS.   We supply our shred trucks and a driver for rent for such things as “free shred” days and “customer appreciation” days.    Shred events are great good will events and generate terrific feedback and response; you may want to consider a promotional shred event for your business or charity event.   Contact us today we will explain the program to you in detail.

Regular Scheduled Route Service

Our security service representative arrives on a pre-scheduled date of service, collects and secures materials into locking security containers, and transports them directly to a mobile shredding vehicle. The hydraulic lift on the mobile shredding vehicle safely raises the container and securely deposits the material directly into the shredding chamber without ever being touched by human hands.

Purge/Clean-Out Service

Certified Shred , Inc. can destroy any quantity of material at your location. If you do not have your records stored in file boxes - no problem!  We can deliver containers to your facility in advance of your scheduled service date into which you will purge your files and return when you a re ready for service!

Witnessed Destruction of the Shredding Process

As an added security feature - and to provide our clients with complete peace of mind - our state-of-the-art mobile shredding vehicles are equipped with a closed circuit video monitoring system, allowing clients to witness the entire destruction process. Law firms and other institutions which may be required to testify under oath that they, in fact, witnessed the destruction of their records typically request this service.

Recycling Service

Certified Shred , Inc. also offers full - service curbside recycling. We can offer you free containers and with a minimal charge to service your containers. No need to separate your recycling, we will take it all in one container and process it cheaper than anyone else. Certified Shred , Inc. has also partnered with Momentum Recycling to offer end-to-end solutions for waste management. Let us show you how to manage your green waste , limit your need for , and reduce your cost with typical waste management services. Certified Shred, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment . Our service s help reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
Certified Shred , Inc. has recycled over 26,400,000 pounds of paper since we opened, that is over 14,000 trees saved! We are committed to keeping our environment clean.


Certified Shred also offers competitive rates on destruction of all types of media including DVD's and CD's, tapes and electronic waste , or ewaste.

Why Outsource Shred?
  • Shredder cost and maintenance
  • Manpower cost per hour for employees to in-house shred Cost of disposal for shredded paper.
  • Clean up and mess caused by shredder.
  • Time and cost associated with removing paper clips staples and bound.
  • Cost of bags for shredded material information.
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